Features of “Crude Oil Trader Z”

  • Daytrades NYMEX Crude Oil futures. Trades from 3AM to 4PM EST.

  • The pattern recognition algorithm will analyze the Crude Oil futures, tick-by-tick. It continuously looks for a potential V-top or V-bottom, buy/sell market order is then placed to your futures broker via Collective2’s Platform Transmit.
  • Once there is a trade, the system will monitor the market continuously tick-by-tick, with a fixed, pre-determined profit target as well as initial and trailing stoploss orders. The trade will be closed if it the market trades to the profit target or the stoploss price, or at the end of the trading session (4PM EST).

  • Parameters are determined by walk-forward testing and optimization using historical data.

  • Maximum loss for the day: When the daily realized loss reaches $2000, the system will stop trading for that day. This fail-safe feature will prevent a catastrophic loss from real-time data feed glitches (very unlikely) or some intra-day “black swan” events.

  • The system does not average down.